Alessandro Fonseca, was born and raised in Rome and has always had a passion for Pizza. Alessandro (Alex) opened his first restaurant when he was 18, and ever since has been devoted to creating the true taste of Rome. His wife believes he has ‘golden hands’ that can create a miracle with food.

Alex was an instructor at Confartigianato Romana specializing in bakery and a member of Associazione Pizzerie Italiane. He has worked at various Pizzerias all over Rome including at the Vatican, later taking these traditions to North American opening Italian restaurants in Boston and Vancouver.

On June 5th, 2011, Alex opened Trilussa Pizza and Pane, fufilling a dream.

He is a people person. He loves making friends and believes making connections with customers. It’s not just about pizza, it’s a whole experience that comes with it.

You can now taste his true Roman passion and love at Trilussa, on Main, just north of 28th ave.

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